Bringing specialized expertise to the rural Midwest

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, Seemore Hawk addresses the specialized talent void that exists in many rural areas. Now, organizations are able to access very specialized and senior talent, but on a time frame and budget that works. 

Our talented individuals often bring over twenty years of experience to our clients, along with an enormous network ready to tackle each unique situation   

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Areas of Service

Chief Financial Officer Services

No company should be run by a CFO. But no company can run without a CFO. Our finance executives serve the goals of the business leaders, and are adept at mapping out and executing the plan to achieve those goals. Interim, Part-Time, or Project based, depending on client needs. 

In-Home Special Education 

With a special focus on birth-to-three, education for special needs children often goes outside of the classroom or school district. Our educators develop plans to bring children to their optimal needs-specific level.

Family Owned Business Services

Family owned businesses are a very unique situation, and our executive consultants come prepared to listen, evaluate the varied dynamics at play, and then act. In that order.

SPecial Needs Family Consultation

Raising a child with special needs often creates a unique family dynamic. And with that comes the opportunity to grow together (not apart). Often times simply navigating all the resources available becomes a challenge.

Early Stage/Start Up Services

Early stage companies are not small versions of big companies. The rules, goals, and theories are all different. Our team understands early stage companies - they have built them too. Financial modeling or strategic planning or preparing for an exit, you need people who have been there.

School District Special Ed Consulting

As many HR directors already know, keeping up with caseloads in and out of the four walls of the school is difficult. Our consultants lighten the administrative and education burden. 


Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.
— Steve Jobs