Exit Planning

The stats are quite staggering. If you are a typical business owner, your business represents 80% of your total net worth. And yet per the Exit Planning Institute:

  • More than 70% of businesses that are put on the market do not sell.

  • Only 30% of family-owned businesses transition to the second generation and only 12% survive to the third…

  • 49% of business owners have no transition plan  

  • 76% of owners plan to transition over the next 10 years (representing 4.5 million businesses and over $10 trillion in wealth)

You wouldn’t put your products, services, employees, or stakeholders in that situation – why would you do that with your business?

Exit planning is just good business strategy

Exit Planning combines working ‘on’ your business with working ‘in’ your business with several clearly defined goals – all aligned to a successful transition. The end result includes things you may be doing already – strategic planning, financial forecasts, contingency planning, staff assessment – and many things that are only appropriate in this final stage of ownership.

But we are adding a better road map. Imagine if you knew how much more your business would be worth if you just followed the project plan? That is motivation with a purpose.

Our processes prepare the business for success while preparing for the transition. Through a series of interviews, surveys, number crunching, and meetings, a project plan is developed and managed. One of the most important steps is building and managing your transition team: tax advisors, wealth managers, corporate attorneys, business insurance, personal insurance, family coaches, CPA’s, real estate brokers, and others.

When should you start exit planning?

Exit Plan is a process, not a document. There isn’t a simple checklist to run through, and as such, it takes some time. The Exit Planning process creates deliverables used in the business transition transaction, but that is a more of a perk than a destination.

Generally speaking, if your target transition date is more than 2 years away, we recommend Business Value Growth. If your target exit date is less than 2 years away, we recommend Exit Planning.  


How to get started

Are you ready to get started? Contact us to set up an initial conversation and let us help educate you on the process. We strive to match a pricing structure that matches your timeframe, available resources, and stage.