You didn't start your business to become a numbers nerd.

But we did.

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Welcome to the best decision small businesses can make. Seemore Hawk provides experience, know-how, and integrity to make sure small businesses don’t just survive, but thrive.

Reduce the stress and complication of owning a business and get back to why you started this.


Our Services

CFO’s, Financial Analysts, Controllers, Strategic Planners – experts on an interim or project basis. The talent is as high as the vision.


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What Are CFO Services?

Following our formula for lucrative small businesses, our CFO’s match strategy to execution, stage to structure, and money to, well, lack-of-money. In other words, we take on the most stressful areas of a business and turn them into gold.

Who Uses CFO Services?

Frustrated business owners. Teams who never quite seem to get ahead of the next payment. Companies with big growth plans. Groups ready to plan for an exit. Owners who don’t know what they don’t know.



Our Practice

Our CFO projects pay for themselves. More than just finding pennies in the couch cushions, we find dollars with a bunch of zeros behind them. A good finance nerd always knows where profits are leaking, cash is wandering, and stress is building.


In this business, by the time you realize you are in trouble, its too late to save yourself.

— Bill Gates

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The Cash Flywheel


The Cash Flywheel. You won’t find it in any MBA textbooks, but the Cash Flywheel is really the reason all companies exist. Unless you ignore it. Then your company doesn’t exist anymore.