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You didn’t start your business to become a business nerd….

But we did.

Welcome to the best decision small businesses can make. Seemore Hawk provides experience, know-how, and integrity to make sure small businesses don’t just survive, but thrive.

Reduce the stress and complication of owning a business and get back to why you started this.


Cash Flywheel Services

You won’t find it in any MBA textbooks, but the Cash Flywheel is really the reason all companies exist. Unless you ignore it. Then your company doesn’t exist anymore.

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Business Transition/Succession Services

100% of businesses experience a transition of ownership – the only question is whether the owner gets to decide when/how/who. Don’t miss your opportunity to harvest – 80% of businesses put on the market do not sell.

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CFO & Advisory Services

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Take advantage of tools and expertise to solve urgent issues and see what is coming around the corner.

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Our Practice

A good business nerd always knows where profits are leaking, cash is wandering, and stress is building. And we have taken that knowledge and developed several repeatable processes to assist your business. We will take the time to explain things to that knowledge is always one of the most important deliverables. You could say we are a “teach them how to fish” type of practice.

HQ’d on the plains, our practice reaches across the country. By utilizing proper technology tools to supplement our processes, we are able to help clients regardless of location.