Q: What is a Yotepher?                            A: Mostly for training Jedi's.

Yotepher (pronounced 'yo - da - fer') was founded by a husband and wife who felt compelled to being big city types of resources to the people, businesses, organizations and groups who choose to call the rural Midwest home. There is no doubt that sometimes businesses and families leave their home to access resources that are plentiful in large cities. Sometimes the move is for a growing business that can't attract talent to their small town. Sometimes the move is for a special needs family member who lives in an area without support or educators. 

What does that have to do with Jedi's? Nothing. It is a direct reminder that we take our clients needs very seriously. But we make sure not to take ourselves to seriously. 


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Shanna Gramm

Shanna has the head and the heart to lead the Special Education Services practice for Yotepher Resources. A masters degree in special needs from the University of Minnesota and undergrad degree from South Dakota State University forms the foundation of over 20 years of working with special needs children in almost every setting. 




Brian Gramm

Brian has worked with Fortune 200 companies, launched start-ups from his basement, and supported companies with deep pockets or zero dollars. With an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, an accounting degree from the University of South Dakota, and 20+ years of widely varied experiences, Brian leads the Finance Professionals Services for Yotepher Resources.